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A Cool Kid Like Me

A Cool Kids like Me is the experiences of a little boy who looked so cool outside and felt so terrible inside. The ebook narrates the weird and hidden feelings of the loneliness of the boy!

The story is narrated by the boy, bursting out his feelings of being so lonely but acting so cool outside in a polite way! There lived a cool boy and a terrible boy, who was cool outside, terrible inside.

The boy was so cool and he behaved so normal with his family and friends. However, he had the typical fears, odd feelings, sadness, etc., His mom and dad were too busy and believed that he was so cool. The boy spent most of the time playing alone with his toys. He did not explain his fears or grief to his parents, as they were busy to hear. However, his grandmother understood him very well. He shared everything to her and she used to console him.

One day his grandmother had a vacation and gifted him a teddy! His mom and dad made fun of the teddy as he wasn’t a baby to play with a teddy! However, the teddy became his best buddy and it replaced his lost companionship with his grandmother.

His mom took away the teddy from him, but he recovered it! He developed a love and friendship towards teddy.

He expresses his feelings and shared emotions with his teddy. The teddy heard everything and consoled him in his tough times. Gradually, he became a cool boy inside with the teddy. He was happy to welcome the grandmother from her vacation!

Teddies are human’s best friends irrespective of the age and gender. Cuddling teddy gives lot of comfort and companion ship!

It is a good moral story for kids as well as parents. It is essential to spend quality time with kids to understand themselves completely, what they think, what do they feel and what do they need! Providing material comforts isn’t sufficient to raise a happy cool kid, but allocating special time does it.

The ebook has beautiful pictures explaining the emotions of the boy!

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