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Bad Bad Bunny Trouble

Ralph, the notorious soccer bunny is an angry, naughty and loveable bunny as well! He troubled in his sister’s birthday party, but turned a hero saving his family and friends! Here you have the synopsis to the story.

Ralph is a soccer lover! He just loved to play soccer all the time. One day he was playing soccer and it was his sister’s birthday. His mom asked him to stop playing with the ball and prepare for the party. But Ralph did not want to give up playing soccer. He scolded his mom as she disturbed his play! He saw her preparing the birthday cake and a coffee cake on her sister’s birthday. Ralph felt too bad because he couldn’t play and spent too much time to get ready for the party.

He arrived to the party when his sister Liza started to cut the cake. The angry Ralph started his tantrums and wanted to get a piece of coffee cake. His mom made the coffee cake for elders and told him it is not for kids. The angry Ralph pats the cake and destroyed it fully as he could not eat it. Since it was a crowded party, Ralph’s mom asked him to go to attic, a store room in the upstairs.

The attic had all the decorative elements from eggs to paints! It was a messy room! Ralph heard a strange noise and looked down through a hollow from the attic. He saw a group of wild foxes trying to destroy his family and the guests. The house was locked and foxes were trying to break it.

Ralph saved his entire family and all the guests from the foxes using the elements in the attic and of course, his ability to play soccer. Now, everyone adores Ralph as the savior and the best soccer bunny!

How Ralph saved them and made the foxes run away? Read the funny and smart moves of Ralph to get rid of the foxes.

The ebook has beautiful painted pictures, which describes the story well. Since it is like a heroic tale, it is certainly lovable. However, remember not to behave badly like Ralph in his sister’s birthday party!

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