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All Types of Aircraft

We have access to colorful books with attractive pictures to educate children about different elements. From colors, shapes, fruits, vegetables and vehicles, colorful pictures help children identify, recognize and learn things quickly. Here is an easy way to educate your child about different types of aircraft.

Learning is fun! All types of Aircraft eBooks enable an easy and fun learning. The short eBook for kids features important types of aircraft with brief information on each type.

Can you name a few types of aircraft? Air Plane, Helicopter, jet, etc. The eBook briefs about what is an aircraft, types of aircraft, purpose, and other important information. The book is filled with pictures and few words.

While the information available may appear very small, it is the basic information that the kids should learn and familiarize.

Firstly, it is about an aero plane! Why an aero plane has wings? Different sizes of aero planes, etc. How aero planes fly in the air? Second is about a glider. What is a glider, how it looks and flies, etc. Next is about helicopter. Can you tell or differentiate between the basic mechanisms of an aero plane, helicopter and a glider? You will learn it here!

Do you think hot air balloons a type of aircraft? Yes, indeed. Learn about how a hot air balloon floats in the air and comes down? Hot air balloons are different from parachutes and airships!

Next is about airships, they are like balloons. Not many know what an airship is! They are no longer used widely, but still a few airships are being operated.

Other types of aircraft include military aircraft, aerobatic aircraft, agricultural aircraft, air ambulance, firefighters, etc. You can learn about these different types of aircraft and their purposes are intended to. The images are real and so clear that the kids can understand the physical differences of different types of aircrafts.

Now, after learning about all these aircraft, tell us which is your favorite aircraft and in which aircraft you want to fly?

I guess most kids would love to fly in a hot air balloon as they are available in toon shapes! Comment here about your favorite aircraft.

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