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A Record Year for Rainfall – This colorful eBook has beautiful pictures depicting the intelligent imagination about what happens to the world, the important places in the world when it rained for a year, a new record about rainfall!

Do you enjoy rain? Yes, of course, most people and almost all kids would enjoy it! How long you can enjoy it? Rain for two days? Rain for a week? It is not possible to enjoy rainfall more than a day or two. Have you ever thought what happens when the rain falls continuously for a year? It would be just water everywhere, no buildings, no road, no vehicles, no trains, no plants, no animals, etc!

This ebook has the answer for it! What happens to the world when it rains? Let us get a brief outlook on the content of the ebook.

The world marks a record year for rainfall, never rained ever! The City of New York and Statue of Liberty immersed in water and they just need some sunshine to warm up! Due to this heavy rainfall, the local sea inhabitants in Seattle had the great opportunity to explore different places as it was just water everywhere. (This is funny and humorous)

And many historically importance places became very important with a different point of view. For instance, Grand Canyon became a beach after this record rainfall! Great Wall of China became a waterfront attraction! Everywhere, spring flowers bloom. And the ebook briefs out many such attractive places from different parts of the world.

Initially, the readers may not understand the genre of this ebook. To the readers, this ebook for kids isn’t a story book. This is not definitely for the young kids below 8 years of age. An understanding about history, different places of interest, world attractions, etc is essential. Knowledge about various places like Paris, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China etc would be good to grasp the real sense of the ebook.

However, this makes a humorous read for the grown up kids. You can ask your child to get something interesting thoughts or imagination like this ebook! After all, creativity and imagination.

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