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Hide and Seek

Patrick, Arty and Kevin are best friends. They form the major characters of popular series of eBooks for kids. These eBooks feature very simple story line with simple sketches. Indeed, the eBooks feature some minor incidents explained in the simplest way.

Hide and seek is a favorite game. The winner is the one who remains hidden from the eyes of the catchers! Let us see what is all about Hide and Seek in this eBook!

Patrick went missing. Did you find him? Yes, where was Patrick? He was hiding behind the table. He was preparing for something there. Did you know for what?

He was getting trained for the National Hide and Seek Championship. He prepared for the tournament.

The tournament began! Guess who is the first competitor to Patrick? It was nothing but Kevin!

He was hiding behind something. Can you find him?

Now, the second competitor is another best friend of Patrick. He was Arty! He was hiding somewhere. Can you find him?

You got him right?! And here is the last competitor. Patrick!

Where was Patrick? Did you find Patrick? Where did Patrick go? We couldn’t find him anywhere! He got hidden in one of the best places that nobody could find. Guess the winner, of course Patrick. And Patrick was awarded the winner.

This is just a beautiful narration and picturization of a very simple story, rather something that happens daily! The beautiful images with contrasting shades in the background look attractive and appealing to the kids. Besides, the painted pictures, the ebook also feature colorful images.

The content is drafted in a narrative way as if the reader is questioned. When the kids read it, they will feel like they are interacting with the story teller. Don’t miss reading this simple eBooks for kids.

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