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Things to Learn with Bruno

The concept of creating a themed story collection for kids with an interesting and funny character is a big hit. This is one such collection for children.

Bruno is an adorable teddy. He often lands into trouble by his acts, by not responding, by not respecting elders, etc. Kids may develop a love for this cute teddy and learn good habits from Bruno stories.

Things to learn with Bruno include the stories on the following themes:

  • Bruno tells the truth – You shouldn’t lie
  • Bruno learns the share – sharing is good
  • Bruno gets lost – Bruno fail to listen to elders and get lost
  • Bruno the Artist – the cute teddy becomes an artist
  • Bruno put your toys away
  • Bruno finds a ball

Starting the habit of reading with Bruno series is quite commendable. The story lines are simple tied with a moral to develop good habits and manners in kids. The illustrations and images are attractive. The stories are having very few lines.

This is an awesome series of stories for kids to learn good habits, manners and important life lessons. Also, reading these story books enable them to develop the habit of reading.

The stories trace the experiences of Bruno and the lessons he learnt. All the stories revolve around the concept of good values, behaviors and habits. Children can learn the essence of values and behaviors with Bruno! It is not only interesting to read, but also educational and practical.

You can be happy that your child spends the time usefully and effectively. Above all, cost of the book is relatively lower than other educational stories for kids. The quality of the book is good and a good buy for money!

However, it is more than spending, as the stories inculcate value in your children.

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