Story Contest 2018 #1 Results » Second Prize Winner - Sub-junior Category

Parishi Dua

“Well Buddy, That’s What Friends Are For!” by Parishi Dua, Kuwait, is the Second Prize winning story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual Short Story Contest 2018.

Well Buddy, That’s What Friends Are For!

A long red limousine stopped in front of a huge, magnificently lit-up mansion. A little girl stepped out, grasping her pink, precious piggy-bank. “Come on in, Amy”, called her mom, lovingly, as they entered their new house. “Wow! My new bedroom is marvellous!” exclaimed Amy. Her bedroom was wonderful with a shiny golden study-table and a teddy-shaped bed. The family were delighted with their beautiful home.

Next morning, while Amy was wondering where she could keep her precious piggy-bank safe, her mom patted her back affectionately and said, “Dear, I know you have worked hard to earn these 800 pounds. You watered plants over weekend, you took care of our neighbour’s little boy Oliver, baby-sitting him and you washed Uncle Henry’s cars. I am sure you will be able to buy your favourite doll very soon.”

The following week, Amy arrived at her new school. She noticed a group of girls standing at the school gates. Amy hesitantly walked up to them and enquired about the way to her classroom. An arrogant girl responded mockingly, “Oh my little baby doesn’t know the way to her classroom! Will you be able to stay in the school without your mum, little baby?” Amy had tears running down her chubby cheeks.

Just then, a sweet girl with a dainty body and a bob of blonde hair appeared from nowhere. She smartly sent the bullying girls away. Amy was so grateful to her saviour that she cuddled her tightly. “Hello, I am Emily”, she introduced herself, followed by a warm handshake. Amy thanked Emily for her help. Emily quickly responded, “Well buddy, that’s what friends are for!”

Amy gradually started liking her new school. She adored Emily. Once she saved Amy from getting a detention by taking the blame on herself. Another day, when Amy panicked for not having completed her homework, she calmed her down by helping her complete it during the lunch break. Whenever Amy thanked Emily for all that she did, Emily would promptly reply, “Well buddy, that’s what friends are for!

One Monday morning, Amy entered her classroom and saw Emily sitting alone in one corner and sobbing. She queried worriedly, “What’s the matter, Emily?” Emily could hardly control her tears and gasped, wringing her hands as if her heart would break, “My father lost his job a few months back and has no savings left to pay my school fee of 800 pounds, so I will have to leave the school.” She couldn’t speak further and fell into Amy’s arms. Amy’s eyes were moist too.

The next morning, Emily was dancing around the school corridor as cheerful as a puppy with two tails. She merrily exclaimed, “An unknown person has paid my school fee of 800 pounds! Oh, I wish I could thank him.” Amy thought to herself, “Well buddy, that’s what friends are for!” with a broad smile on her face. Amy was as pleased as Emily.

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