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Video Game Destruction: Demolition

“Video Game Destruction: Demolition” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Muhammad Junayd Imran, Canada.

Video Game Destruction: Demolition

Chapter 1 "Unpredicted"

Inside a video game store, Mr. Video-Game is thinking of what new video game he should buy. He was on the 2nd floor when all of a sudden there's an odd rumble. He got down as fast as he could. When he got down, there's a huge fire. "A BOMB!!!" said Mr. Video-Game. Beep. Beep! BEEP!! BOOM!!! The bomb exploded. "What in the world!?" said Mr. Video-Game, and he immediately hopped into his car and drove to his cabin.

Then, he recalled what happened at the store. He started to worry. 2 hours later, he played Minecraft: PC Edition. He generated a survival world. Beep. Minecraft shut down. "A lot of weird stuff is happening today" said Mr. Video-game scratching his head. Then he went for a walk.

Chapter 2 "Destruction"

"Ha, ha, ha!" said a mysterious voice, and Mr. Video-Game heard it. "Huh?" said Mr Video-Game. He moved closer and stood behind a tree. He peeked and saw hundreds of robots, and a dark figure in the middle. The dark figure was talking to the robots. "Destructo-bots!" said the dark figure. "We have taken down Tech City, and now we must take down other video gaming cities, and the prime minister; Mr. Electro-Game!" said the dark figure. "Yes, sir Dr. Robotnic" said all the Destructo-bots at the same time. Dr. Robotnic jerked his head towards Mr. Video-Game. "Hello pedestrian, would you like your dip?" said Dr. Robotnic.

Chapter 3 "The Portal Professor"

"What happened!?" said Mr.Video-Game, waking up about 1 hour after fainting. "Hello" said a strange voice. "My name is Prof. Portal" he said. "Why are you lying down?" said Prof. Portal. "First, my name is Mr. Video-game, and a guy named Dr. Robotnic used something to make me faint" said Mr. Video-Game. "Come to my lab and we'll see what I can do, OK?" said Prof. Portal. "Sure" said Mr. Video-Game.

Chapter 4 "Planning His Defeat"

"This is your lab?" said Mr. Video-Game. "Yes" said Prof. Portal. "Cool" said Mr. Video-Game. It had guns, portals (Prof. Portal's specialty) planes, metal rods with blue disks in it and a round blue ball thing at the end and sports cars. "I made a Frankenstein" said Prof. Portal. "What!?" said Mr. Video-Game. "Let's plan and talk about that thing later, OK?" said Prof. Portal. "I've got a plan, Mr. Dudeo" said Mr. Video-Game. "We send Doctor Robotnic through one of your portal's-" said Mr. Video-Game. "Which portal?" said Professor Portal. "Don't cut me off, a Minecraft portal, but the other side is in the nether" said Mister Video-Game. "So... a nether portal?" said Prof. Portal. "Precisely" said Mr. Video-Game. "And we tell him he defeated us, we have given up fighting for the sake of video games, and tell him, since he's won, he has to enter the portal because there's a gaming city on the other side, and after he enters we'll break it" said Mr. Video-Game. "Nice idea" said Prof. Portal. "I'm going to Robotnic labs" said Mr. Video-Game. "Nope, too dangerous" said Prof. Portal. "You can't stop me from going" said Mr. Video-Game. "Oh, fine" said Prof. Portal.

Chapter 5 "The Battle

Dr. Robotnic was at his labs preparing to launch missiles and target every gaming city. "My brother, Mr. Electro-Game is fighting a different villain, Dr. Nicro-bot, he does the same thing as Dr. Robotnic" said Mr. Video-Game. "2 things:" said Prof. Portal. "Your brother is the prime minister?" said Prof. Portal. "Unfortunately, yes" said Mr. Video-Game. "And I know what Dr. Nicro-bot does, you said he's a villain, so I know what he does!" said Prof. Portal. "Oh, right" said Mr. Video-Game. They were spotted by Dr. Robotnic. "Destructo-bots, eliminate them!" said Dr. Robotnic. The battle began. Luckily, Prof. Portal built robots with weapons to fight the Destructo-bots while they fight Dr. Robotnic. "It will take time to make the portal" said Prof. Portal to Mr. Video-Game. "Let's do this" said Mr. Video-Game.

Chapter 6 "The Portal"

Mr. Video-Game and Dr. Robotnic fought tirelessly for, which felt like hours, 50 mins. "It's ready" said Prof. Portal. "Dr. Robotnic, you have proven to be stronger than us. You have won. You can destroy all the cities you like, starting with the one through this portal, right here" said Mr. Video-Game, faking. "Interesting" said Dr. Robotnic. He went through. "Break it" said Prof. Portal. They hit the portal until one of the big parts fell out. The middle became see-through. "We won, we actually won!" said Prof. Portal. "All's well that ends well, I guess" said Mr. Video-Game.

Therefore... the land was safe... for now.

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