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Under the Sea Adventure

“Under the Sea Adventure” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Rhea Ghosal, Argonaut Elementary School, Saratoga, USA.

Under the Sea Adventure

This is a story of two best friends, Fin and Gill. Fin was a dolphin and Gill was an octopus. Fin was exploring the world under the sea. One day she came upon a glittering palace, which looked like a magical Castle. Every day she kept wondering who lived inside the palace. One day she said to herself, ”I have to figure out who is inside.” She was very frightened but gathered all her guts and slid inside. She was surprised to see nobody but a lot of gold and jewels scattered.

Fin turned around and saw an old octopus. The Octopus said her name was Gill. Fin and Gill started to play hide and seek, tag, cops and robbers and many such games. Slowly they became best friends and started living in the palace.

One day, a Shark came inside the palace. It came by sniffing the juicy smell of Fin and Gill. He started searching for its prey but couldn’t find them. So it went away back to the sea. Just then a huge sea storm arrived. The shark broke into the palace and again he could get the same juicy smell.

The shark, excited about his scrumptious meal started looking for his prey.

Fin saw the shark coming near. She was very frightened and screamed, “Gill, let’s run! The Big Bad shark is back again!” The shark followed them out of the palace into the wild sea. Gill climbed on her best friend Fin’s back. Fin swam with lightning speed but the shark kept coming closer. Fin and Gill didn’t give up even though sweat dripped off their faces. This time the shark came really close but Gill slammed at the shark a gush of water forcing out of her tentacles.

The shark shook out the water from his head and now he was “REALLY ” close to his pray.

Gill the octopus, used her last weapon. She squirted inky venom at the shark. That blinded the shark and also lost his smelling sense. Finally the shark gave up and swam back to the sea. Fin and Gill didn’t see the shark again.

The best friends toasted at their teamwork, which made them defeat the Big Bad shark. This story proves real friendship can do magical wonders.

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