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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) : The Two Tiger Cubs - Laura and Sungha

“The Two Tiger Cubs - Laura and Sungha” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Aditya Munindranath Sakaray Parangi, India.

The Two Tiger Cubs - Laura and Sungha

Today I am going to talk about tigers. The Majestic tigers, who have eyesight six times better than humans. They wag their tails to show the direction to their cubs.

As the jungle awakens, the tigers and the cubs relax themselves near the river bank. But look who is it pointing the gun..?

Is he.., is he.. going to shoot the tiger..??! No. No. Please stop. Don't do that....

Dhishkyaon.. Dhishkyaon

A tragic end of yet another tiger.

We all know that tigers are slowly disappearing. They will never come back. These could be the last one of their kind.

Let me share a story of the Two Tiger Cubs- Laura and Sungha. They were adventurous, mischievous, ferocious, wild and confident. They felt like they will dominate their area one day. They used to play in the jungle and their parents used to catch prey for them and feed them. Laura and Sungha lived happily with their parents in the luxury of the nature.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of humans. The father tiger got alert. He started taking the tigress and cubs to a safe place away from humans. The cubs could not run as fast as father tiger and the mother tiger and then what happened...... The parents were killed by hunters and poachers. They faced the most cruel and ruthless killing. Laura and Sungha were trying to run fast, fast and fast but they could not. Somehow Laura escaped, but Sungha was caught by hunters and poachers. Sungha was caught by those heartless creatures. Sungha got sold to a circus. The cubs were separated. The happy family was destroyed.

Once again wildlife is being exploited to make money for human entertainment......endangered wildlife that are bred in captivity to live that way for the rest of their lives, not able to have the life they are meant to have and live as they truly are. Tiger claws are used as pendants for necklaces. Tiger bone is used in making Chinese medicines and wine. The tiger skin is used for luxury decor.

Such mindless slaughter did not just kill the tigers. It left the orphaned cubs terrified, shaken and an uncertain future without their parents. The end result is most often death.

Tiger is India’s National animal and we are losing them. Shoot them with cameras and not with guns. Save the wild or you will be called wild.

So come on everybody, let's be a part of saving tigers.

Save our tigers. Save our Pride before they are silenced forever.

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