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Eagle Story

“The Intelligent Eagle” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Krishna Dinesh Choumal, India.

The Intelligent Eagle

Once there was a hunter, his name was Kalu Shikari. He lived in a small village Ratangarh, which was surrounded by forest and located in a remote area of Gujarat, India. In villages like Ratangarh, life is not as easy as we all enjoy in modern cities. Every person of the family requires doing a lot of hard work to even earn their daily bread and butter.

One day, Kalu Shikari went to the forest to hunt any animal or bird to feed his family. After several efforts since morning to evening, finally Kalu Shikari caught an Eagle.

When Kalu Shikari was returning home, suddenly he heard a voice, “Hey, Gentleman!, Hey, Gentleman!!....”

He looked here and there to find from where the voice was coming. He was surprised when he found that the Eagle from his net was saying, “Hey Gentleman! Why you are taking me with you?”

Kalu Shikari replied, “I want to cook you today for my family.”

After few seconds it said, “Can you please fulfill my last wish before my death.” Kalu Shikari asked, “What is your last wish? Tell me…”.

Eagle said, “I want to teach you, two lessons of life, first, never believe anyone, without properly thinking and second, if you have any loss in life, never be sad for it.”

Kalu Shikari was happy because he got one eagle and two life lessons. Eagle again asked, “Tell me, if I give you a “Precious Golden Chain”, with which you will become rich, than can you free me?”

Kalu Shikari replied, “O.K., now tell me fast, where is that “Precious Golden Chain”, give me it….”

“Set me free from the net, so I can give you the “Precious Golden Chain”, Eagle said. Kalu Shikari was very happy and eager to receive the Chain, so he set free the Eagle quickly.

Without delay, Eagle flew and sat on a big tree and told Kalu Shikari in a loud voice, “Listen friend! I taught you that never believe anyone without using your mind and second thing which I taught to you never be sad for any loss in life…”. You just heard them but did not understand and lear any lesson from them. You human beings are very greedy, even a little bird like me know this fact. So, I played this trick to save my life. Now happily go to home with some fresh fruits of that tree, which will keep you and your entire family always healthy. One request is to stop killing birds and animals just for taste of tongue.”

Kalu Shikari collected several fresh fruits for his family and promised to himself that he will stop killing birds, animals and will became a proud vegetarian.

1. Never believe anyone without using your mind.
2. Never be sad for any loss in life.

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