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The Big Rude Giant of Giant Country

“The Big Rude Giant of Giant Country” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Namish Kamadana, Tanto International School, Sweden.

The Big Rude Giant of Giant Country

I awake in middle of witching hour. So I opened the curtains and looked out of balcony. I saw a big fat toe and then a leg as big as a building. Even an arm was as thick as a tree trunk. It it’s a giant!!

It was looking through every window with angry eyes and he was coming towards her. I ran back to my bed and went under my blanket. Then it snatched her. I thought giants aren’t real, are they? He ran faster than a cheetah could it be, so we are crossing oceans? Next to a giant we look as small as tiny winy ants and then the giant stopped and opened a secret hole in flour and kicked something and jumped in and began to talk.

One was dangerous but the other was kind. It was eating you to dinner. To Ti KiKi

He was chopping chicken for chicken soup. S sshhhhh! To everything is shaking. It’s the friendly giants. It was putting you in my pocket. One of the friendly giants came in and said you are having bean! Is not! You are! You fell for it. Ha! Haa Haa Haa Bye bye. Good night. Tomorrow morning will be a horrible day. I woke up and the alarm was so loud for me. How do you not block your ears she shouted? He was still asleep. The alarm went du du da da da ta da! Wake up Wake up hello grr grr! He woke up and began to shout at me, you are not letting me sleep. The giants outside heard him and cared in. you do have a bean. He does I am a human being. I knew it. He is going to eat me.

The good giant fought for me and he got me and ran out and up a mountain and opened a secret door and locked the door. One day I was with him and noticed he hates water, I said. So we need the queen’s help. Let’s start going then. So we crossed the oceans again back to where I was living on the window of the queen’s bedroom and the queen woke up and I said, “Good morning your majesty!” She said, “What are you doing up there?” “I need your help your majesty! I came with some friendly giants to teach a lesson to a rude giant that hates water and I need the army!” “Show me the giants, come out everybody! Please come out. There is a bit shy. These they are the army come out. Please don’t do anything to them please.”

The queen said to the leader of the army to tell guards to stand down and he did tell them to do that thing. The guards were ready for it so we planned to eat and then go to teach him a lesson. So we ate lunch and drunk a lot of drinks. We were so full and ready to go so the queen asked where is giants country? So he showed where it was and it was out of the map. I was shocked. So we started going back to giant country and we crossed all the rivers with the army on helicopters and hided somewhere and the giant just woke up after they hid somewhere and he asked where did you go? To all the giants tried to eat me and the army on the helicopter came out and shot the missiles all at him and lifted him and left hold of him in the water. Revenge is back but me and the giants got separated. I woke up it was all a dream.

I was happy, because it’s all in dream.

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