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The Beginning of My Life Story Girl and Dog

“The Beginning of My Life” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Madeline Katherine Tran, USA.

The Beginning of My Life

Dear old self, don’t you remember the beginning of your life?

It all started when I was trapped and cramped and I had a black screen. I thought I would die and the next thing I knew I was out and about. I was free.

Then I looked all around. I saw my mom, brothers, sisters, a doggy bed, mommy’s food and water bowl, and a very big and different doggy. There was also a little doggy about mommy’s size. He is a weird dog.

The weird doggy picked me up and took me away. I call “Help mommy!” All mommy did was say I love you, have a great time, and of course she gave me a bye and a kiss.

No more play time with my brothers and sisters. No more milk or kisses from mommy. No more playing outside. Ok. I changed my mind. Maybe there is playing outside. But still I miss my family.

I wonder where I’m going with the weird dog. When the weird dog brought me outside up into their very big house I cried. I don’t know why I cried but the house is like a rainbow and they also have a big play area just for me. I guess that kind of cheered me up. When we got inside the very big house the small weird doggy put me on the ground and smiled at me. I went over to her and gave her a lick. Then I went to explore.

There were a lot of new smells. Then I noticed some bumps that came out from the wooden floors. I think I will give it a try. When I tried to get on one instead of getting on the wooden bumps I slipped off and I hit my little head on the wooden bump. After I failed trying to get up the stairs the little weird doggy picked me up and we went outside. Yay! It’s playtime. Wait! There is no playtime, the weird dog is taking me somewhere.. Where are we going?

After five minutes we reached a different house. The little weird doggy got a cart. She put me in the cart and the cart started moving. Then she pushed the cart into an aisle full of toys. Then she showed me each of the toys and put them in the cart. Then she went to another aisle filled with doggy bones, doggy leashes, doggy food bowls, doggy beds, and doggy clothes. The weird doggy got one of each and then she went and had her doggy dad buy all the stuff. When we got home the weird doggy set up my bed and everything else. She played with me outside for an hour. Then I got to try out my new food. It was delicious. Then she gave me a bath that I hated. Finally it was bedtime. She gave me a kiss and said goodnight.

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