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Parrot in the bag

“Parrot in the bag” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Anushka Dhiman, Lotus Valley International, Noida, India.

Parrot in the bag

Mitthu Mitthu!! I said. She loved to play hide and seek granny and uncle Bill both bought Mitthu for me on my birthday. She was cute and funny. Her best hiding place was bags and cupboards. Her favourite person was me and granny. She didn’t like uncle Bill. She would always perch on his head ouch! He would reply, same with Aunt Annie Joe whenever she would come. Mitthu copied me whatever I said she followed me too. One day grandpa had to go supermarket. He had to buy tomatoes, carrots, yogurt etc. And me, Mitthu, granny were playing hide and seek. Suddenly Mitthu hid in the bag which grandpa had to carry to the supermarket. He picked up the bag and started moving; we were looking for Mitthu so uncle Bill joined us too. Where is Mitthu I asked? I don’t know granny said. When grandpa reached the supermarket and he was putting the tomatoes one by one Mitthu kept on eating them. When grandpa poured the juice in the glass and forgot on one of the shelves Mitthu drank all the juice and then went to the vegetable counter and ate all the chillies and returned back to the bag without grandpas attention and at the billing counter the man smiled and asked grandpa there looks to be something exciting in your bag. Grandpa said exciting!!And he started searching his bag, when he took out all the things, chillies and tomatoes were missing! He was surprised that they were all eaten. He checked his bag and suddenly there came Mitthu. He said naughty parrot. The billing guy gave a big smile and said see I told u there’s something exciting in your bag. Grandpa laughed too and called granny. He said Mitthu is in the bag. Ohh! She started laughing. I quickly jumped into grandma and asked did grandpa find mitthu? I asked her where my Mitthu is. She said in her favourite place! Guess where? Umm! I said got it! In the shopping bag! with grandpa. Uncle Bill named the title -parrot in the bag. And he paid for the chillies and tomatoes that were eaten by Mitthu and came back home.

Moral... We should love our pets and treat them as our family.

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