Story Contest 2017 #2 - Outstanding Stories (Sub-junior) » Lily’s Secret: Billy’s Secret Garden

Boy with Girl reading in a Garden

“Lily’s Secret: Billy’s Secret Garden” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Miracle Golda Koleangan, Indonesia.

Lily’s Secret: Billy’s Secret Garden

Lily: “Isn’t it nice? I love reading on a Saturday morning.”

Mom: “Lily clean your room, now!”

Lily: “Why should a Saturday morning be like this? I need a place where it’s nice to read. A secret place perhaps. Maybe I should take a walk.”

Billy: “Psstt, here!”

Lily: “Who is that?”

Billy: “Here, I’m behind the bushes!”

Lily: “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

Billy: “My name is Billy and I heard you want a peaceful place”

Lily: “Well, yes”

Billy: “Follow me!”

Lily: “Why?”

Billy: “You’ll know as soon as we get there.”

Lily: “Ok”

So Lily followed Billy to their destination. They went past lots of tunnels and turns. Soon as they reached there, Lily was so surprised. The destination was a secret garden! Lily was so glad; she really wanted something like this.

Billy: “Enjoy yourself here, you can come here whenever you want but first, I know you love to read, so I have a gift for you, it’s a book”

Lily: “Hurray, thanks Billy!”

Billy: “You are welcome and if you want more friends, I have a few friends who know this place. You can call them if you’re feeling lonely.”

Finally, Lily could read peacefully and there will be no more anger. She enjoyed the garden very well. Lily came every once in a week. Billy was also happy because he could meet his new friend.

One month past. Everything was going well until a terrible thing happened. One day when Lily went downstairs, her parents were watching TV. Then she heard the news reporter say, “There was a bus accident. Here are the names of the victims of this accident: Marry, Josh, Billy, James, and Sally. As soon as Lily heard Billy’s name, she ran upstairs to her room and cried out loud.

Lily: “Why does it have to my best friend?”

Lily ran to the secret garden and read the book that Billy gave her the first time they met. While Lily was reading the book, she remembered every fun time they had with each other.

At that time one of Billy’s friends walked in. Her name was Amy. She saw Lily crying in the garden. Then both of them talked each other.

Amy: “It’s all right, don’t cry Lily, all of us miss Billy”

Lily: “Ok, Thanks Amy”

One year past. The secret garden was still alive. Thanks to Lily and her friends. But the garden wouldn’t ever have been made without Billy. So every once in a month, Lily and her friends write a poem about Billy to remember him.

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