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Friends Till The End

“Friends Till The End” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Proud Raksriaksorn, Thailand.

Friends Till The End

“It is hard to find a true friend, and when a true friend is found, you must find a way to keep that friendship there forever.”

“Rose, can you put my book into my bag? Oh, and I left my water bottle in the classroom. Could you please go back inside and get it?” asked Mary. The two girls, named Rose and Mary, were best friends, though their personalities were quite different. Mary was rather bossy, but she was a smart student. But she thought that she was the best student and that no one was better or could be better than her, so she always overlooked everyone. Rose, on the other hand, was actually quite smart too, but Mary never noticed this. She was also rather quiet and shy, but to her friends, she was fun and caring. So far, the only question is, “How did these two girls even become best friends?” This question will soon be answered, dear reader….

On the way out of school, Mary asked,
“Rose, can you remember how we became best friends?”
“Sure can,” replied Rose.

“When we were in Year 2, our teacher paired us up in our maths lesson. Then, we started to have fun, and then we became best friends. We have stayed together ever since,”

“You were my very first friend that I made when I moved to this school,” Rose added. “That’s what makes you so valuable to me.” Now, these words meant nothing much to Mary for the time being. The rest of the walk was silent, apart from the sound of the crunching leaves and twigs.

The next day…

“Oh, hi Mary!” called Rose as they approached the school entrance “You’re early!” And again, Mary took very little notice of this, but she automatically turned to Rose, gave a smile and a little wave. Rose didn’t seem to mind. She was in a very good mood that day, probably because it was Friday.

At the end of the day, Rose was still in her super - happy mood. But then her mood suddenly changed when she reached into her bag and pulled out a letter and gave it to Mary. Rose was then again back to her quiet self again, and the walk home that day was silent as usual.

When Mary got home that day, she opened up the letter that Rose had given her. The letter was about how Rose really felt towards Mary. Mary immediately understood how Rose felt. She also realized that Rose had been her only true friend.

The next day…

Mary arrived at school just before Rose did. When she saw Rose, Mary went up to her and apologized, “Rose, I’m so sorry for making you feel bossed around and left out by me. I won’t do it again. Could you ever forgive me?” “Sure! That’s what friends are for.” So, the two girls became even closer best friends, and they were both happy.

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