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Following my Dreams Christmas Girl

“Following my Dreams” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Aarushi Lenka, UK.

Following my Dreams

Prelude: I could thread all my dreams and never knew it will be such a beautiful story. So let’s follow my dreams …

Once there lived two girls named Aarushi and Saee. Aarushi and Saee had lots of dreams; both of them wanted to be a police who can catch criminals with their magic wand. They both wanted to be a scientist who can find a cure for cancer. They wanted to be a geologist who can find out what the rocks are saying to each other. They wanted to be a teacher who can teach children their wonderful magic spells. They wanted to be a wanderer who travels through twisty twirly landscapes.

One day Aarushi and Saee thought about their amazing dreams and suddenly both of them said, “I want to have an adventure a real adventure with all our dreams in it”. But then they realized they can’t go to a world full of their dreams. “Hey wait a minute!! Just because everyone else says magic doesn’t exist that doesn’t mean we can’t make it exist”, said Aarushi.

So Aarushi and Saee thought that maybe if they believed in magic, it will come true. But just when they were about to write in their diary, they slipped and fell. When Aarushi and Saee got up they found themselves in a different world. Then straight away they knew that they were in a world full of their own dreams because they had read Alice in Wonderland.

Aarushi and Saee were very happy but one thing they didn’t know was how to get back. So they were very upset. Suddenly a fairy appeared and said, “Oh dear I know who can help you get back just follow the magic road and that will lead you to The Great Wizard of Dreamland.” “But we don’t know which road it is.” ”It is the road that is right in front of you”, said the fairy. “Oh”, said Aarushi; she was quiet surprised so off they went. On the way they went past a weird shaped statue the statue looked like it was doing something. But suddenly the statue said “Please can you free me and in return I will help you.” So Aarushi and Saee thought together that maybe she can help us if they get in trouble but how will we free her. So they asked, “How will we free you?” “Get the magical can”, said the statue. So Aarushi took the can and poured it on the statue and then the statue suddenly started moving. The statue said thank you and soon all of them were off to The Great Wizard of Dreamland. On the way they met Mia, she is a Christmas elf. Saee wondered, “Why is there a Christmas elf in dreamland?” “Because remember when we had the same dream and it was on Christmas when the elf made silly mistakes on Christmas eve?” and Saee said “Yes!!!!!!!!!!!” Aarushi said “Well that’s her.” The elf then came and said “Hello can I join you on your Christmas eve trip?” Saee replied “Why?? Of course you can.” So they started to walk again and finally reached the house of The Great Wizard of Dreamland. They entered the house and the wizard said “I know why you are here and I will help you” So Aarushi and Saee were very happy. The wizard also said “If you want you can have this necklace and then you can come here whenever you want you just have to say BIBADI BABADI BOO.” And so the two adventurous girls went back to their lovely home.

But the weird thing was that when they were back at home they found themselves on their bed. Who knows whether it was a dream or an actual adventure...?

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