Story Contest 2017 #2 Results » Third Prize Winner - Sub-junior Category

Ronok Ghosal

“Flin Risto” by Ronok Ghosal, is the Third Prize winning story in the sub-junior category of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2017.

Flin Risto

Hello! My name is Flin Risto!

I go to Rer Elementary School. On Monday it was the last day of fourth grade. We had a huge party with popsicles, pizza and a grand carnival.

Finally, my summer vacation started.

So one day during my vacation, I decided to go fishing. After hours of waiting, instead of getting a fish, I got a smelly shirt. Then I got a pair of boots. I kept trying, but I never got a fish. Much ado about nothing, I started to go back home, empty handed and sad.

On the way home I was about to throw the junk that I got from fishing.

Suddenly something sprang out of the boot. I ran backwards and my back hit a tree. I had a cold chill through my veins. Right then I gathered my guts and came closer. It was a big fat BOX. I slowly kneeled down and opened the box. I found a sparkling necklace and when I peeked in further, I saw a folded paper tucked inside. I opened the paper and found a note saying…

You are a capable person so you found this note. We are aliens of the Andromeda galaxy in Leberno planet and our lives are in danger. Please save us from the ominous deeds of evil aliens residing on planet Galineni. Please wear the necklace in the box, which will teleport you to our lands and give you the super power to save us.

That is ridiculous!!! The Andromeda galaxy is 2 million five hundred and thirty eight thousand light years away from earth! No way, how can I travel that far? “Wait a second.. I can teleport “, I realized!! So, I wore the necklace and teleported to the Leberno planet of the good aliens.

When I reached this wondrous planet, I saw millions of aliens cheering and shouting with joy. They offered me a potion and asked me to drink. Soon I got a vision that the evil deeds of the bad aliens reside in a 6000 years ancient dead Gamboo tree trunk. I realized I needed to chop the trunk to save these good aliens.

Soon I got back from my vision and asked the Leberno residents, how to reach the Gamboo tree.

They said I should get teleported to the planet Galineni where these bad aliens called Zeze who are destroying all our cities live.

I was about to teleport when one of the good aliens said “Wait! Take this mask to disguise as one of the bad aliens”. I went to the dressing room got into bad alien suite and teleported to the Galineni planet.

Soon I was in front of the Gamboo tree. Before anyone knew I got my sword from my belt and chopped the dead bark of the tree. Right then all the bad aliens turned good. I went back to the good aliens planet. They were celebrating and lifted me up with joy. They wanted me to stay with them.

But how could I? I was already missing my mom, dad and my baby sister. I waved good-bye and teleported to my dear planet Earth!!

This whole adventure seemed an eon to me. But when I landed on earth, I was on my bed.

Suddenly I heard a whisper, “Ronok, who is Flin Risto”? It was my sister, Rhea. ”How do you know him”, I queried in an astonished voice.

You were talking about him in your sleep. Were you DREAMING?”, she exclaimed !

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