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Everyone is Different Story Boys

“Everyone is Different” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Alexander Lecorchick, USA.

Everyone is Different

"I totally didn't expect that!" Jamie said. "Well, I thought it was horrible", said Donnie. "Didn't you like when we saw the clowns performing, or when we went and saw the demolition derby? How about riding on that roller coaster? Or when we went to the carnival and ate the funnel cake? Now I know you liked that part! Your face lit up and everything after your first bite!" Jamie pointed out. "Well, that was the only thing I liked." Donnie said stubbornly, "but nothing else." “How don't you like the same things I like?” We are identical twins. We wear the same clothes, eat the same food, and look exactly alike!” thought Jamie. As if his brother read his mind, he went on, "You know people can be twins but not like the same thing, even if we look exactly alike. You are a fan of carnivals and action, while I'm a fan of calm things like swimming in our swimming pool and taking naps. "Donnie went on and on but Jamie still wasn't getting it." But carnivals are fun there are so many things to do, and we didn't even get halfway through it." Jamie tried his best convincing him but Donnie wouldn't give in, he did not like the carnival and Jamie knew that.

Showing Donnie the good things about the carnival might persuade him to start liking it even the littlest bit, but that was better than nothing. Jamie didn't know why this means so much to him, probably because it means that Donnie and he might get along better if he knew that they like the same thing. Jamie wondered "Well even if we didn't get halfway through it, we still did the demolition derby, we also got a funnel cake, and we also went on the roller coaster, isn't that enough? It's getting late and I'm tired, can we please go home now. I know you really liked the carnival and we didn't get halfway through it, but the sun's going down and mom told us that if we don't get home at 9:00 then we'll be in trouble", Donnie said.

"Okay, you're right", said Jamie. As they were walking home Jamie tried to see if Donnie really did like to be at the carnival. "What was your favorite part of the carnival", asked Jamie. "Out of all the things we did, probably riding the roller coaster with you. I also like when we had that funnel cake. It was the best funnel cake I have ever tasted. I just like when we can ride the roller coaster because we did it together. Thank you for taking me to the carnival Jamie. Even though I don't like carnivals, I still enjoyed the time I spent with you. This was the nicest thing Donnie ever said to Jamie! Even though Donnie disliked the carnival he still enjoyed spending time with Jamie. Though the same sentence was still stuck in Jamie's head: Everyone is Different.

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