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Am I Always Sleepy?

“Am I Always Sleepy?” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by R Ananya, Chrysalis High Marthahalli, Bangalore, India.

Am I Always Sleepy?

Dear diary,

One day, I got late to school. I got scolding from my teacher and I had to stand outside the class for an hour as my punishment After an hour I came in and I realized that I had got my brother’s schoolbag instead of mine. Everyone laughed at me and, even my teacher felt like laughing. Funnier even I felt like laughing not felt like ...... but even started laughing. After school, I got dropped back home by bus. I threw my bag on the floor and went to play. The next day when I entered school I again got scolding for not finishing my homework and this time I had to stand out for two hours. After half an hour, I felt sleepy and I just leaned on the wall and slept and it was lunch break and everyone had gone to the cafeteria to eat and I was still sleeping and it was already home time and I was still sleeping.

Everyone started laughing including my teacher. I got dropped home and I finished all my home work and my mother sent me out to play for four hours. I went out and my friend was also there. He gave me some juice and when I drank it, to my surprise I was floating in the air. I sat on the clouds and saw a huge palace. I went inside and I saw a kind king. I loved riding cycles and I saw one cycle. I took the cycle and started to ride it. Suddenly I skid and I went down and I landed back home with the cycle. The next day, I hurried to school and reached so early. After a long time I felt sleepy and I slept. Hours passed, no one came. I realized that it was Saturday and school is closed. So many mistakes, so many wonders how would it are? Now where was I? How can I answer many questions at the same time? How funny of me. I am asking everything to myself. It was Sunday and I was still at school. Now it is Monday. Anyways I can just skip in TO SCHOOL! phew! Today at least I wouldn’t get scolding!


But no one has come yet, why? May be because it is not yet time. Cool the sun is shining.

At least I can sleep for more time. Nice, it is peaceful to sleep isn’t it ?

I started to sleep. In no time I was sleeping. And everyone had entered school. But I was still outside the class sleeping. Suddenly, I woke up in the middle and said is it a dream? YES. This is.

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