Story Contest 2017 #1 Results » Second Prize Winner - Sub-junior Category

Irene Annie John

“The Sketch In My Heart” by Irene Annie John, is the Second Prize winning story in the sub-junior category of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 which was organized by Kids World Fun.

The Sketch In My Heart

Though the class was very noisy when I entered the room after the lunch break, students settled down in their respective seats when they saw me. “Teacher, Ashley and Shyam were fighting with each other and Shyam was defeated.” Said Swetha, the class leader.

When I looked at Ashley and Shyam, I could read the expressions of anger in Ashley’s face and that of hatred and sadness on Shyam’s face. I asked both of them to come near me and listened to both versions of the incident.

“I didn’t not do anything. He hit me for nothing”. Cried Shyam.

“No teacher, he is lying. He started the fight”.

“Okay, Ashley. What is the reason for the fight?I asked.

“I was drawing this picture when Shyam came to me and made fun of my drawing that it was not at all beautiful. I got angry and hit him”. Ashley replied.

Knowing that Ashley was greatly talented in drawing, I asked to see the drawing and found that he had drawn the jersey of a football team very beautifully.

“Shyam his drawing is very good and why did you say that it was not beautiful? Ashley, you may go back to your seat while Shyam is going to draw this picture.” I said.

Even though Shyam started crying and said that he is not good in drawing, I insisted that he should draw.

With much hesitation, Shyam drew the picture and brought that to me.

I asked him, “Shyam, which picture is better, yours or Ashley’s?”

“Ashley’s” he replied.

“If so, you should tell Ashley the same.” I responded.

He walked to Ashley with much regret and said. “Your drawing is better than mine.” Then, he hastily walked to his own seat.

But the class was silenced with awe when Ashley suddenly walked to Shyam, grabbed Shyam’s picture and said, “Your drawing is also good.”

Vishnu, the leader of the boys, started the loud applause and it spread to the whole class. Ashley and Shyam smiled at each other amidst appreciation from the whole class. This beautiful sketch in my heart is prettier than the one on the paper!


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