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Finley Clough

“Dear Diary” by Finley Clough, is the Highly Commended story in the junior category of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 which was organized by Kids World Fun.

Dear Diary

July 4 2012

Dear diary, you are the only thing I have left after my parents put me and Susan up for adoption. Today it was my turn to do the dishes! There are at least twenty-four kids at Miss Smith’s Home for Adoption. Washing dishes is the worst job of all! I have a feeling that Miss Smith only keeps us to do the chores. Uh-oh, curfew! Katie Miller, over and out.

July 7 2012

Dear diary, sorry I haven’t been able to write a lot. Both Susan and I have had the flu. Miss Smith makes the kids who are sick work to. There is no medicine for Susan and I. Susan is afraid she will die but, I told her, “Susan, you are my little sister. If I make it through so will you”. She seemed a little uplifted by my words. I have to go. Bye.

July 15 2012

Dear diary, Miss Smith is going to get married soon and we have to get adopted. Susan and I are putting signs up all over town. My best friend Anthony got adopted today. Oh! I hear another potential guardian. See you later.

July 19 2012

Dear diary, Miss Smith is getting married in two days! Someone wants to adopt Susan! I can’t let them adopt Susan without adopting me. I will not let Susan out of my sight. When her new guardians come to adopt her I will ask them if they will adopt me too. I hope it will work! I have to go.

July 20 2012

Dear diary, Susan and I are riding in a car to our new house! The couple adopting Susan came and when it was time to say goodbye, Susan started crying hysterically. The couple asked if I was her sister. I told them I was and they adopted both of us because they didn’t want to separate us! So now we are heading towards our new home. We are here! I have to unpack.

July 24 2012

Dear diary, the house is amazing! It has a pool and a garden! It also has a swing set! They have servants to help us. The cook makes the best food! Being in this house is like taking a step back in time. Susan seems to be having a wonderful time also. She always tells me she is glad we were adopted. Dinner! And I don’t have to do the dishes. See you later.

July 26 2012

Dear diary, tomorrow the Willman’s are taking us to see a movie. Susan and I are really excited! Our parents never took us to see a movie. We went swimming today! The water felt really good. Time for bed. Good night!

July 27 2012

Dear diary, the movie was amazing! It was like looking into someone else’s life! It was about princesses and puppies. I am glad the Willman’s took us. Susan told me she likes the Willman’s better than our actual parents. Of course I agree. I have to go! Katie Willman

July 31 2012

Dear diary, the Willmans have been so nice to me and my sister. Today was my birthday and they got me a bunch of toys and things! I also had a big party and invited all my friends. I am ten years old today. I am running out of pages so I guess this is goodbye. – Katie

October 7 2023

Dear diary, I found this diary in my attic yesterday! I am twenty years old and have a job as an author. I have adopted two sons who are the ages of twelve and five. Susan is eighteen and is going to college next year. The Willman’s have retired at the retirement home across the street. I now own the big house but Susan lives here too. The month I wrote about in here is probably the most important month in my entire life. Hopefully this will be passed down through generations.

Love, Katie Willman

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