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Short Story - The girl who thought friends were the best

“The girl who thought friends were the best” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Anusha Neogi, India.

The girl who thought friends were the best

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Maya. She lived with her parents, and never used to listen to her father, mother or even to her teachers. One day her friend Bloom said, “Let’s not go home today! Let’s go for an adventure!”

Maya immediately agreed and decided to go for it. Thus, they went into a forest and started enjoying themselves by plucking flowers, having races and jumping here and there. Slowly it got dark. However, since they were so busy enjoying themselves, they did not realize that sun had started to set. Suddenly, it became quite dark. They could hear the wolves howling and the owls hooting nearby. They got terrified.

Bloom, who was a very good runner, started running back towards home. Maya screamed, “Don’t leave me alone Bloom! I am your best friend! You cannot run away like this.”

However, Bloom did not wait for even a second and ran as fast as she could. Maya kept pleading, “Wait for me. Don’t leave me alone.”

But Bloom said, “No, you run very slowly. If I wait for you, the animals will come and eat me along with you.”

Now Maya was all alone in the jungle. She was wondering what to do. Suddenly she recalled that once her father had taught her how to climb trees. At that time, she had argued with her father saying, “I am not a monkey to climb trees.”

Her father explained, “I am teaching you! Why do you not want to learn! You never know when you will need it.”

Now, as she saw a wolf coming near her, she started panicking and tried to climb up a tree. Suddenly a light flashed on the wolf’s face. She turned back and found that her parents had arrived in their jeep to rescue her. Maya saw her father aiming his gun at the wolf. Her mother, without caring for her life, came running towards Maya, took her, and rushed back into the jeep.

The wolf chased their jeep but somehow they managed to escape and went back home.

As they reached home the mother kept weeping and cuddling Maya. Maya realized how much her parents loved her. They never cared about their own life and went into the forest to save Maya.

After a few days, once again, her friend proposed to Maya to go for a secret adventure. However, Maya replied, “I shall go home and come with my parents if they allow.”

This time her friend got surprised that she did not think that her friends were closer than her family. The Principal saw Bloom talking to Maya about the secret adventure. He scolded Bloom a lot.

From that day onwards Bloom never disturbed Maya. Maya became very obedient, and everybody loved her. She even received many medals for discipline.

Moral of the story - Our parents are our best friends who will happily give away their lives for us.

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