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Short Story - Caught In The Act

“Caught In The Act” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual Short Story Contest 2016 written by Tracy Gokool, West Indies.

Caught In The Act

Mr. Brown was a short, grumpy old man. He was also known as “Mr. Selfish” as he never wanted to share his ripe, juicy mangoes with anyone. During the mango season his various mango trees would be laden with huge, ripe Hog, Julie and Starch mangoes. The unbearable weight of the mangoes made the branches droop. The unwanted mangoes, which were under the tree, formed a carpet of yellow.

Looking out of my bedroom window, I noticed old Mr. Brown driving off in his rusty, noisy, and faded motorcar. His ferocious guard dog Spike was out of sight. This suggested that he had been locked away in his kennel. A wicked smile was plastered on my face as the thought of stealing some mangoes knocked into my head. I jumped up and raced towards the mango trees, climbed up the wall and scrabbled up one of the Julie mango trees, snatched a ripe one and gobbled it up. Sticky, yellow pulp and juice raced down my hand. Sitting high on the tree enjoying my delicious mango, I ate continuously, as I knew that I would not be treated better than this.

Rubbing my full tummy I picked a few more ripe mangoes and stuffed my pockets. About to climb down the tree, I spotted Spike standing under the tree!

I was in deep trouble. Plucking some green mangoes from the branches, I started to pelt Spike, but he did not move. In the far distance, I heard the rumble of the grumpy Mr. Brown’s car engine. Panic took over my body as his car approached the unpainted, old, house.

Mr. Brown returned home and came searching for Spike. Approaching the mango tree he held out his hand to pet Spike. At that very moment, one of my ripe mangoes fell out of my pocket and landed “Brap!” on Mr. Brown’s head. With yellow pulp and juice dripping down his head, he looked up and saw me in his tree. I was “caught in the act.” At that very moment fear gripped my guilty heart.

Mr. Brown immediately ordered me to come down from his tree. I began climbing down the tree as my heart drummed and my legs wobbled. After giving me a good scolding, he marched me to my home, straight to my parents, who were quite surprised. I had to explain to my parents what I had done. I knew I made my parents ashamed that day. They made me apologize to Mr. Brown who stood before me raging.

Punishment for my crime was one month with no electronic devices. Oh! How I felt deep regret for my wrong action. They even made me pay Mr. Brown for all the mangoes I had stolen using my meagre savings. That day I learned that stealing was wrong and that it will only get you into serious trouble. A lesson I will never forget.

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