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Pepper Learns Good Habits

How to raise kids with good habits? Many parents find it too hard to inculcate good habits in their little ones, although there weren’t 100 percent failure. Showing illustrations and real life examples / activities inspire them to follow good habits.

Reading the story books that comes with morals of teaching good habits is one of the successful methods to teach good habits in children. If you are looking for one, you may consider buying the Pepper Learn Good Habits.

Published by the popular Sterling Publishers, the authors released a line of educational story books for children, featuring the cute character, Pepper, the little dog.

The book has amazing line of stories. It is quite colorful with pictures. Children will develop the habit of reading books just because of the attractiveness of the books. Simple words, colorful pages, pictures and stories with exciting plots definitely create an interest.

Each story teaches a good habit. It will develop proper dining manners, prayers, thanking someone, etc.

Another positive element is the simple language. Children aged above 6 years can easily understand the stories and even the younger ones can make up the stories and morals with the images.

The book comes with a hard cover and it has 32 pages. This is one of the books with short number of pages when compared to other Pepper stories collection.

A good read good value for money and children may develop a love for Pepper!

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