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Monster Momo

There was a huge forest, located in between a town and a village. The forest was so huge that anyone can miss their way home as the forest has abundance of trees. However, the forest has a park for children in the opening and there was a huge lake located in the middle of the forest. The lake wasn’t visible surrounded by dense trees. And there lived a monster called Momo!

Momo was a small monster, but he used to eat other monsters. Since Momo’s hunger cannot be satisfied with other monsters, Momo started to eat everything he finds around. Momo had no teeth and it cannot chew the monsters. Momo simply swallow the monsters. Momo looked so big with gigantic tummy.

One day, three children were found missing. Yes, they missed their way home from park and instead went towards the lake where Momo lived.

Since Momo was very huge with big tummy, it cannot move faster. It slowly crawls like a baby on the lake. He saw three children and moved towards them. One child saw the Momo and screamed. While the other one was shocked and stood speechless, the third child ran away from the place. Monster Momo swallowed the two kids.

The third child that ran away finally got his way back home and told his parents that the other two were eaten by Momo. It shocked the people in the town and the parents of missing children were so depressed, nobody was able to console them. People in the town decided not to use the park any more.

Unaware of this incident, a group of children from the city had their picnic on the other side of the park that was accompanied by a villager. They were playing football and one boy hit the ball so hard and it moved towards the direction where the lake was situated.

Monster Momo saw the ball at a distance. Since the woods were so bushy, children found it hard to see the ball. Monster Momo after several hard attempts finally moved towards the big ball. As Momo cannot move easily, he bent all the trees and swallowed the ball.

The monsters and two children who were inside the stomach of Monster Momo saw the big ball arriving. They started to get out of the stomach and pushed the ball so hard. As they pushed the ball, Momo’s stomach inflated like a balloon and with a hard hit, Momo wasn’t able to hold anyone inside and everyone came out of the stomach.

Monster Momo lost all the weight, he became so light, the tummy became very small and he was able to stand without any support.

He said sorry to all monsters and children he swallowed. The children reached their home safely and the parents were happy.

Monster Momo with other monsters then acted as security guard to children.

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