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Solar System Quiz

Solar System Quiz

Choose the right answer from the options given below. It will be very useful to read the lesson on solar system before you attempt the quiz.

  • Which are the two gases present in the sun?
    a. Oxygen and hydrogen
    b. Hydrogen and helium
    c. Nitrogen and hydrogen
    d. Nitrogen and oxygen
  • What is the average speed of mercury as it orbits around the sun?
    a. 88 kilometres per second
    b. 48 kilometres per second
    c. 243 kilometres per second
    d. 43 kilometres per second
  • Which is the main gas present in the atmosphere of Venus?
    a. Hydrogen
    b. Oxygen
    c. Helium
    d. Carbon dioxide
  • Which planet is known as the ‘red’ planet?
    a. Mars
    b. Earth
    c. Venus
    d. Jupiter
  • Which is the largest planet in the solar system?
    a. Earth
    b. Mars
    c. Saturn
    d. Jupiter
  • How many known moons does Uranus have?
    a. 27
    b. 13
    c. 23
    d. 45
  • Which is the largest moon of the planet Neptune?
    a. Andromeda
    b. Triton
    c. Miranda
    d. Charon
  • What is the diameter of the sun?
    a. About 1.4 million kilometres
    b. About 2.3 million kilometres
    c. About 1.2 million kilometres
    d. About 3.2 million kilometres
  • Which is the hottest planet of the solar system?
    a. Mercury
    b. Earth
    c. Jupiter
    d. Venus
  • What percentage of earth’s surface is covered by water?
    a. 70%
    b. 60%
    c. 80%
    d. 50%


| 1. b | 2. b | 3. d | 4. a | 5. d | 6. a | 7. b | 8. a | 9.d | 10. a |

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