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The Five Senses

The Five Senses

How do you know that the sky is blue? How do you find that a chilly is hot? How to do understand or experience the pain when somebody pinches you? How do you identify that your mom is cooking your favorite flavorful food?

All these are made possible only because of the five senses. The senses make the world more interesting. The five senses are,

 » Vision – Sight
 » Smelling – Olfactory
 » Taste – Gustatory
 » Touch – Somatosensation
 » Hearing – Auditory

You can see the colorful objects in the world through the sense of vision. You can see your favorite cartoon with the sense of vision. You can see the family, friends, etc.

With your hearing sense you can hear the favorite songs and sounds of the television program.

With your olfactory, the sense of smell you can get the aromatic smell of the yummy food. Also, you can stay away from the harmful substances like smoke with olfactory sense.

Won’t you appreciate and thank your mom for cooking some tasty food? Of course, the gustatory sense will enable you to enjoy the deliciousness of your favorite foods.

The sense of touch will let you identify and distinguish between the rough and soft things. You can decide to take bath in warm or cold water! You can enjoy the softness of your pet kitten! You can identify when someone touches you!

These five senses are the basic senses. Unfortunately, a few children are born without these five senses. A child may born without vision or hearing impaired. A few kids may have disorders related to all senses.

All these senses are interrelated with one another.

When you get cold, your nose is blocked and you cannot enjoy the aroma of the foods. When you cannot smell the foods, you won’t be able to enjoy the taste. The food tastes like a bland food.

However, people with sense disorders, tend to carry more power and sharpness in other senses. For instance, if a person is blind, the power of vision is transferred to other senses. He can easily identify another person just by touching or by smelling.

Example: Apple

 » You can smell the apple, it has a nice smell.
 » You can taste it. Most apples are sweet and a few are bitter.
 » You can also identify it by its beautiful red colour.
 » You can touch the apple and sense the softness of skin and the fruit inside.
 » You can hear the sound when you eat the apple.

Five senses are very important to live the life to the fullest.