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Worksheet – 3 : Narrative/story writing (type 2)

Write a story on the following topics in about 350-500 words. You may choose one topic at a time. You must not repeat a story you have read elsewhere.

You are free to use your own imagination, if a particular experience that a question asks you to describe has never happened to you. However, your story should be credible, with proper characterization, setting, and a plot. The question itself gives you clues about your plot.

  • Write about a time when you did something, even though you knew it was wrong to do it.
  • Write about a time when confusion and arguments resulted because of mistaken identity.
  • Write about an occasion when you lost a very important document or personal possession. Describe what happened.
  • Write about an occasion when a reunion among friends had an unexpected ending.
  • Write a story in which an interview is important. (Remember that you should give full details of what happens in the interview itself, to show that it is an important part of your story.)
  • Write about a time when you lost a very important thing that belonged to you, and the consequences of losing it.
  • Write about an unusual experience you had while travelling.
  • Write about an occasion when you felt proud of yourself, because you had done what was right, despite all your friends being against you. Write a story about a newcomer to your school becoming your friend in an unexpected way.
  • Write about an experience that made you more confident about yourself.

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