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Worksheet – 2 : Narrative/story writing (type 1)

Write a story on the following topics in about 350-500 words. You may choose one topic at a time. You must not repeat a story you have read elsewhere.

Make sure that your story has a proper setting, one or two main characters, and a credible plot. For more information about the necessary components of a short story, please visit elements of a short story.

1. “My relatives always have fascinating stories to tell about older members of my family and I especially like the one about………..” Continue.

2. Write a story, which includes the words: “I realised he was only human when…………..”

3. Write a story based on the following.
“I had to be cruel to him for his own good.”

4. Write a story based on the following:
“His fate now depended on that letter.”

5. Write a story based on the following.
“I must have been the only person who wasn’t looking forward to it.”

6. Write a story that begins with the following words:
“I stared at the card. I could not believe it……”

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