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Advanced writing in English

Writing an application, a report or a story is an advanced writing skill. If you have a good command over the English language, which involves mastery of grammar as well as remarkable vocabulary, you can be an effective, advanced writer of English.

The writing prompts given in the worksheets here are based on the format of the Cambridge GCE O’level examination (Paper 1). It can be used by anyone who would like to achieve a high level of English writing skills.

After you have written on any of the writing prompts given in these exercises, if you would like a feedback on your writing, you may send your Word file as an attachment to ………………. Our English language specialists will give you a feedback on your writing.

Worksheet – 1 : Guided Writing

Read the following questions carefully. Write your answer in not less than five paragraphs, and about 200-300 words. Include the points given below. You are encouraged to add additional points.

1) A rich local businessman has offered to finance a student’s higher studies in a foreign country. You would like to avail of this opportunity to study abroad. Write your letter of application to this businessman, including the following points.

  • Your own special qualifications and interests
  • Why you would like to study abroad
  • Country chosen and why
  • What course you would like to pursue there
  • other reasons that make you the best candidate to receive the sponsorship

Using the points above, and including other relevant details, write your application, using appropriate style and accurate English.


2) As you were going to the canteen, you heard people shouting inside. You went inside and saw two students fighting with each other. One of them hit the other and injured him.

As a witness to the incident, your Principal has asked you to write a report to him.

You should include the following points in your report.

  • When and where did the incident happen?
  • Who were involved?
  • What did the students do to each other?
  • What was the reason for the fight?
  • What did you do?

Write your report, using continuous English and appropriate style and making sure that you cover all the five points. You may add further, relevant details.

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