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DEAR father's ship is very near,
We'll blow him kisses, baby dear,
He may come home to-day.
A happy wind that journeys south
Seems just to linger round my mouth,
Then bear a kiss away.

Come, baby, I will hold you-so,
We'll watch the waves that outward go,
And call, "Come back to-day !"
For father's heart seems always near,
And who can tell but he may hear,
Or know the words we say?

All round and up the cottage wall
The honeysuckle's grown so tall,
It sees above the gate ;
The flowers came hurrying up so sweet -
We told the little seeds they'd meet
Dear father, and they wait.

We first shall see a speck of white,
Far, far away, there where the light
Has swept the morning dim;
So silent will his coming seem,
Twill be like waking from a dream
To wave our hands to him.

And then, and then he'll hoist you high,
Just stopping here and there
To shake the neighbours by the hand,
And tell them of the southern land,
And ask them how they fare.

He is not very far away,
For mother said he'd come to-day--
We knew it by her face ;
She caught you up and kissed you so,
And now she's busy to and fro,
And sings about the place.


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