Kids Poems » The Lost Hyacinth

My hyacinth, my hyacinth
At length has come to light !
And round the stalk and purple buds
The leaves are green and bright.
Renewed in beauty, it has broke
From out the crumbling earth ;
And when I thought it dead and gone,
It has another birth !

My hyacinth, my hyacinth,
At last I've found thee out !
0, where hast thou been hid so long?
What hast thou been about ?
"I've been," the little hermit said,
" Within my lowly cell;
And joy I've had in quiet there,
That tongue can never tell.

In sweet communion with the power
To which alone I trust,
I've worshipped long at nature's shrine,
Abased below the dust.
This upper world I find a scene
Of peril, change and strife ;
And from seclusion I must draw
My sweetest draught of life.

"I could not live, if ever thus,
Uncovered to the glare
Of yonder sun, and rudely brushed
By every vagrant air.
; Tis best for me, and best for thee.
That I should pass from sight,
To dwell a while in loneliness,
And hidden from the light.

" For I should lose my highest worth
By being always here ;
And thou would'st lose the joy thou hast
To see me re-appear.
From calm and humble solitude,
My first attractions flow ;
And but for these, I should be poor,
Without a charm to show.

"I've now come back to stand awhile
In beauty to thine eye ;
And when my flowers have gladdened thee,
They'll be content to die.
And while thy hyacinth shall pour
Her sweets from every bell,
Remember, she her fragrance gained
Within the lonely cell!"

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