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The Foolish Fish - Short Nature Poems

In the charming poem "The Foolish Fish" by Ann and Jane Taylor, a lovely tale unfolds of a curious little fish eager to satisfy his hunger. With a friendly tone, the innocent fish asks his mother to fetch a worm he spots, only to be cautioned about the hidden danger of a fisherman's hook. The naive trout, driven by curiosity, decides to investigate the worm despite his mother's warning. With innocent thoughts swirling in his mind, he takes a fatal bite, falling victim to the disguised hook. Through delightful verses, the sisters highlight the consequences of ignoring wise advice and acting recklessly – a timeless lesson wrapped in a touching narrative.

The Foolish Fish

"Dear mother," said a little fish,
"Is that a worm I see?
I'm very hungry, and I wish
You'd get the worm for me."

"Sweet innocent," the mother cried,
And started from her nook,
"That worm you see is there to hide
The sharpness of a hook."

As I have heard, the little trout
Was young and foolish too,
And presently he ventured out
To learn what might be true.

Around about the worm he played,
With many a longing look,
And "Dear me!" to himself he said,
"I'm sure there is no hook."

"I think I'll give one little bite;"
And that was what he did,
And thus he died in hapless plight
By not doing as he was bid.

- Ann and Jane Taylor


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