Kids Poems » The Good Doll

Come, sister dear,
I'll read you here
The story of a Dollie,
Who never strayed
Nor disobeyed
Good rules, by guilt or folly.

She never cried,
When put aside,
In bed or in the cradle ;
When taken up,
She broke no cup,
Nor dropped a spoon or ladle.

She never told
A fib, nor rolled
Her pretty lip in anger ;
Nor, if displeased.
Felt cross, and teased,
Or filled the house with clangor.

She never soiled
Her dress, or spoiled
Her shoes, their worth abusing ;
Nor did she tear
Her book, or wear
Through leaves she was perusing.

She did not pass
Before the glass
Too often, or too vainly ;
As if her worth
Should be set forth
In outward beauty mainly.

The whole, in short,
Of Dollie's fort,
Was trust in those to train her
Who better knew
Than she could do,
Wherein she'd be a gainer.

A brother young
Was found among
Miss Dollie's near relations,
Who could, like her,
Some good infer
From slightest intimations.

But both were small ;.
So this is all
Their story gives at present :
It lets us see,
How each could be
In aspect always pleasant.

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