Kids Poems » To Adelaide Who Gave Me The Cape Jasmine

A Jasmine opening, sweet and fair,
Was late thy gift to me ;
And naught have I, that can compare
With this, to offer thee.

But from my poet-spirit's bower,
Whose paths not foot can trace,
I bring this little dewy flower
Among thy leaves to place.

And when these earth-born flowers depart,
As spring and summer fly,
A keepsake, hold it in thy heart,
So it may never die.

Its petals are perfumed with prayer,
That God may bless thy ways,
And give his holy angels care
O'er all thy mortal days.

For life with thee is in its spring ;
Its landscape fresh and bright ;
While Hope is on her morning wing,
Nor thinks of coming night !

The things of time would fain possess
Thy soul beyond release ;
But Wisdom's ways are pleasantness ;
And all her paths are peace !

If now thy heart in youthful glow
Devote to God its love,
Through shade, and storm, and frost below,
Thy Star will shine above !

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