Kids Poems » The Trammelled Ply

Ah, thou unfortunate !
Poor silly fly,
Caught in the spider's web
Hung there to die !
What could have tempted thee ?
What led thee there,
For the foe thus to throw
Round thee the snare ?

Struggling and crying so
Ne'er can unweave
From thee the silken threads
Laid to deceive.
Sorrow for wandering
Comes now in vain ;
And with one thus undone,
Grief adds to pain.

Yet I will rescue thee,
Unwary thing !
Thou may'st again be off
High on the wing ;
If thou wilt promise me,
Hence to be found
Never more, as before
On evil ground.

Trust not the flatterer
Skilled to ensnare :
He is a wily one ;
Think, and beware !
Down to his dusky ways
No more descend.
Little fly, thou and I
"Want each a friend.

Man hath an enemy :
His snare is laid
Softly and silently,
Deep in the shade.
Light, by the tempter shunned,
Only can show
Where, secure, free, and pure,
Our feet may go !

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