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The Rabbit – Animal Poem

In the whimsical poem "The Rabbit," under the glowing moon, a gentle breeze dances through the field. Surrounded by vibrant radish leaves and thriving lettuces, the rabbit ponders the absence of his woodland friends. Sitting down for a moment, he wonders where the dormice have gone and listens for the frogs. With a twitch of his tail, the rabbit longs for companionship. Yet, a shadow looms as the owl watches, and the rabbit knows to be cautious not to meet the master with his gun. Playful and curious, the rabbit's innocent musings captivate in this charming tale of nature's wonders.

The Rabbit

THE moon is shining o'er the field,

A little breeze is blowing,

The radish leaves are crisp and green,

The lettuces are growing.

The owl is in the ivy-bush,

With both his eyes a-winking ;

The rabbit shakes his little tail,

And sits him down a-thinking--

"Oh ! where are all the dormice gone ?

And are the frogs a-vooing ?

Will no one come to play with me ?

What are they all a-doing ?"

Poor little rabbit, all alone,

Don't let the master meet you ;

He'll shoot you with his little gun,

And merrily he'll eat you !


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