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A Fly - Short Poem for Kids | Fun and Educational Poem about a Fly

Oh, what a delightful poem about a curious little fly! "A Fly" by Theodore Titian captures the whimsical nature of a fly's daily adventures. The way it crawls up walls without ever falling is truly fascinating, isn't it? And just imagine, with our six legs, we could walk on eggs too! The colorful description of the fly with spots of red on its head and rainbows on its back makes the fly come alive in our minds. The imagery of the fly tickling baby's nose and wearing tiny shoes made of hairs adds a touch of playfulness to the poem. It's intriguing to think about how the fly communicates without a tongue, instead, singing with its buzzing wings. The ending advice to the fly to beware of spiders adds a sense of caution to this light-hearted poem. Overall, "A Fly" is a charming piece that sparks imagination and wonder in both children and adults alike, making us smile at the little creature's adventures.

A Fly

Baby Bye,
Here's a fly;
Let us watch him, you and I.
     How he crawls
     Up the walls;
     Yet he never falls !

I believe with six such legs
You and I could walk on eggs.
     There he goes
     On his toes
     Tickling baby's nose.

Spots of red
Dot his head;
Rainbows on his back are spread.
     That small speck
     Is his neck;
     See him nod and beck.

I can show you, if you choose
Where to look to find his shoes
     Three small pairs
     Made of hairs;
     These he always wears.

He can eat
Bread and meat;
There's his mouth between his feet.
     When it rains
     He complains
     On the window-panes.

Tongues to talk have you and I;
God has given the little fly
     No such things;
     So he sings
     With his buzzing wings.

In the sun
Webs are spun,
What if he gets into one?
     Little fly,
     Ope your eye;
     Spiders are near by;

And a secret I can tell
Spiders never use flies well.
     Then away,
     Do not stay.
     Little fly, good day.

- Theodore Titian


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