Kids Poems » A couch potato’s transformation

A couch potato’s transformation

I slouched on my couch,
Crunched, crunched on my Munch.
Just a bulging belly, droopy lifeless eyes,
Puffed up cheeks and leaden thighs.

I sat glued day and night,
To the screen that was too bright.
My glasses grew thicker and thicker,
My legs grew weaker and weaker.

No companions had I,
No green things to soothe my eye;
Just my gadgets and widgets,
And such other thingamajigs.

Cartoons and reality shows;
Weird flicks and video games;
Gaming online and chatting;
A couch potato was I turning!

Then one day whispered my heart,
“With you I shall soon part,
Pumping your life blood,
I’ll soon end: I’m exhausted!”

Then one day whispered my brain,
“Your precious life wasted down the drain,
This gift, this life on earth;
At your door waits death.”

I sat up straight, thought for long;
Thoughts of death haunted me long.
A small voice whispered to me,
“It’s not too late to change,” it told me.

Something moved inside me;
The truth I began to see.
I left my couch, opened the doors,
And ditched my gadgets and gizmos.

I got up and walked out,
Jogged and ran about,
Climbed trees and skipped around,
And munched on green things around.

Chucked away all the junk,
Dumped all garbage that had sunk
Into my life all these years,
Yes! All these miserable years.

Now look at me, my friends,
There is a twinkle in my eyes,
A skip in my steps, a glow in my looks,
And my skin just gleams and glistens.

Not a piece of living junk,
Nor a fat miserable creature:
I have been born again,
Reinvented myself again.

Life is beautiful now!
I am alive and bright now!
Not for me any couches and gizmo,
My friend, I am no more a couch potato.

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