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The Witch’s Daughter

The Witch’s Daughter is a moral story given in the form of an ebook for kids. The story is just very simple but comes with a powerful moral. If you are cruel and unkind, you look uglier. But if you are kind, helpful and lovable, you will appear beautiful like an angel. Kindness and helping mind is essential to look beautiful, and staying kind is the real beauty.

Long ago, witch lived in a deserted place. She was the wicked witch and the ugliest one. She could be called the epitome of hatredness. She never knew what is called kindness. She was so arrogant and cruel.

She had a daughter named Broccolina, who is very similar to the wicked witch and appeared ugly. While the mother witch wanted to train her daughter witch and master her craft and ruin the kingdom of witches. However, Broccolina had a different dream and desire. While she was equally cruel and arrogant as her mother, she spent most of her time in beautifying herself. She used to apply lipstick, color shades, curl her hair, and cosmetics, but nothing changed her appearance. Rather, she looked more awkward and uglier.

Broccolina’s mother asked her to do her chores to train her. She gave her a job of preparing magic potion to enhance their magic skills. Broccolina, who was not interested in doing the job of stirring the magic potion, as the heat could ruin her makeup.

However, she was ordered by her mother and without willingness, Broccolina started to stir the pot. She saw a beautiful angel moving in the sky and she wished to be as beautiful like that angel!

With too much desire to turn beautiful, Broccolina stirred the magic potion without control. During her crazy act, she spilled the potion and injured a few animals with her cruel words and actions. Since she was mad in getting transformed into a beautiful witch, she ignored the animals and injured them.

Every time she injured an animal, she developed strange features like hay like hair, doggy nose, etc. She realized that she became very ugly and awkward than ever! She again saw the beautiful angel and shouted at her to make herself beautiful like that angel. The angel replied that being kind and helping others can make you beautiful. Did she understand the meaning of real beauty?

Broccolina is a must to read story! It is a good read along story. Broccolina and her tantrums are beautifully drafted in vibrant colors. Children will have very good laugh when Broccolina develops animal like features. The beautiful moral definitely make the kids remain kind to others. Don’t miss. A good read!

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