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Tyrone is one of the wild and cunning dinosaurs. It is a baby dinosaur but looks like a giant when compared with the size of the dinosaurs live in that area. This is a series of interesting, funny and moral stories for children created in an eBook format. The stories feature the interesting and comical war between the Boland a small dinosaur and the Tyrone, a giant baby dinosaur. While Boland was innocent, Tyrone was very cunning. Tyrone always cheats Boland and offends him. This story featured in Tyrone, the Cheater eBook is all about the attempts of Tyrone ruining the happy picnic planned by Boland and his friends, followed by how Tyrone got trapped by his own act.

Boland and his friends planned for a holiday. Little fact known to Boland and his team that Tyrone, the giant dinosaur would trouble him during the picnic. Boland and friends planned for various games and activities to enjoy their holidays. Every activity by them was ruined by Tyrone. One of the games was dinosaur egg race. The runners should carry a dinosaur egg in their hand and run faster without dropping the eggs. The uninvited Tyrone joined the race. When Boland was about to reach the finish line as the winner, he was hit by Tyrone, fell down, broke his egg and lost the race.

The next day, they planned for sack race. It was the good old sack race, where the players hop wearing and holding a sack. Boland believed that Tyrone won’t be able to cheat in the sack race and it would be difficult for the big dinosaur to hop inside the sack. The cunning Tyrone, torn the bottom of the sack and simply walked holding the sack on hands. Boland got irritated and complained to his friends. They decided to not to allow Tyrone join the game and disqualified him. However, since, Tyrone was so big, nobody was able to control him.

Next, day, Boland had a secret meeting to play treasure hunt to find treasure hidden in a secret place. Tyrone, the cheater heard it secretly. When he decided to hunt the hidden treasure, he was trapped! Enjoy the funny ending of the story, where the troubling Tyrone was punished by his own act.

Tyrone and Boland stories are made into an animated TV series for children. The eBook feature the colorful pictures of every scene crafted beautifully. This colorful eBook for kids will be loved by children.

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