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Twinklinka is an educational and inspirational story about an extremely beautiful doll that lived in her dreams. The reality was bit different when compared with her dreams. Everything that looks beautiful isn’t the real beauty. The real beauty is at the heart.

It was a toy shop. The shop had many varieties of toys. Twinklinka reached the toy shop. She looked like a real princess with blue eyes, chubby rosy cheeks, glowing skin and hair. She sparkled among the plenty of toys.

Twinklinka always had a dream. Since she looked like a princess, she wanted to buy a princess like girl for her. She befriends many toys in the shop. A teddy became her close pal. Many customers visited the shop. Twinklinka couldn’t find any girl for her looking like a princess with blue eyes, beautiful hair and rosy cheeks. So somehow she managed not to purchase a girl who doesn’t look like a princess. (Read the sections where Twinklinka explains about the girls who visited the toy shop and why she hides herself.)

Days passed quickly! Almost all the toys were sold. Even her close friend teddy was sold. She was left alone. The shop owner purchased new set of toys. Those toys pushed back Twinklinka and decorated the shop. Twinklinka was sad that no princess came. She gradually started to lose her shine.

One day, a beautiful girl (who resembles the princess of Twinklinka’s dream) reached the shop. She wanted all toys. A bunch of toys including Twinklinka was packed in a box.

While Twinklinka believed that she would be treated well, the reality was different. The girl who purchased a whole bunch of toys appeared beautiful but not good at heart. She ill-treated all her toys. She threatened her toys and twinklinka was scared. Twinklinka’s dream never came true. One day the girl dropped a bowl of sauce accidentally on twinklinka and she became very ugly! She was then thrown away!

Now, twinklinka is among the huge mountain-like garbage. She couldn’t stop crying. Was she saved? Was she able to find the real princess she was looking for? Read the story!

The story has beautiful pictures and excellently illustrated. A must to read story!

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