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Alphabets! You know it right? The 26 characters make the universal language, English. What is zoophabet? Animals named in an alphabetical order are zoophabet! Got it?

Alice, Bernard, Coco, etc. Ok, Alice isn’t an animal, rather the name of the animal. Who is Alice? Alice is a frog! Bernard is a tortoise and it goes on.

This eBook for kids, Zoophabet has two more special and distinctive features that make it extraordinary! (Other than the list of animal names in an alphabetical order)

  • These are hungry zoophabet. Each animal is so hungry and they do have their favorite foods. These animal foods are listed in the same alphabetical order. For example, Alice, the frog loves African Ants! Bernard the tortoise loves Banana and Butter.
  • The second special feature of the eBook is the pictures. Each animal represent the alphabetical character. For instance, Alice is illustrated depicting the character A! Each animal is a pictorial representation of the alphabets.

Need a few more examples?

Eduardo – He is a monkey representing the alphabet E and he loves Emu Eggs.

Holly - A goat always gets hungry when he see a HOT dog.

Izzy – Again a frog, who not only loves Insects but also Ice cream.

Jasper – Jelly

Lila – Lollipop and goes on!

And these are lower case zoophabets.

This is one of the best and must to read eBooks for kids! It is very educational as well as interesting. Pre-schoolers and toddlers can learn the alphabets in a funny way. Since the illustrations are clear and colorful, kids can remember the alphabets easily.

The eBook has the complete list of zoophabet at the end of the page, from A to Z. Each zoopha, i.e the animal has a favorite food.

Now, we have a few questions to you! Can you list me the food items starting from a – z other than those mentioned in the eBook? Get suggestions and ideas from parents.

This is definitely a fun read for children. Just like feeding the zoophas the favorite foods, feed you by learning these alphabets, a beautiful educational stew or an alphabet soup!

Hope you will enjoy it.

Download / Read Online (60 Pages : 1.77 MB)
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