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Do you have a toddler at home? Or a grown up child? Then I guess your child would have scribbled all over walls and doors and floors. Doesn’t he or she? Ok, you would have closely followed them everywhere and prohibit them scribbling or writing on the walls! This happens very commonly in every household. Of course, you cannot restrict your child isn’t it?

The ebook contain a rhythmic story and the story is narrated by a child who loved to write on the walls. However, her mom wanted to write only on the paper. The girl is like every child and she wants to write everywhere.

The girl wanted to write as much as she could, on the chairs and table! She wanted to write on walls, halls, floors, doors, balls, bats, stairs, clocks, rugs, blocks and bricks, on her hands and toes, on sky and stars, and she wanted to write on every object she find; yet her mother wanted her to write only on the paper! And finally, the girl was so good and obedient that she wrote as much as she could write only on the papers.

Are you an obedient and good mannered child?

The ebook is given in form of nursery rhymes for kids with rhythmic words. You can ask the child to read the ebook and improve their vocabulary. This isn’t a fantasy story, rather something very simple and common in every household.

A few words with similar sounds – should – could, able-table, walls – halls, floors – doors, bricks – blocks, blocks – clocks, stairs – bears, send – bend, etc.

After reading it once, you can give some exercises like identifying the words with same sounds. It will improve the vocabulary, learn pronunciation and communication. Based on the age of your child you can also ask them to write the spelling as you say!

Now, if you have one such naughty kid in your home, read the little one this ebook!

This book is from the Author Danielle Bruckert who is known for capturing simple and every day activities of children in an interesting way. Writing on the wall is one of the ebooks featuring the everyday essences of life. Her writing on children can be downloaded free as she had a passion towards children’s literature.

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