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Tiny Thoughts make big things. The boy, the hero of this tiny tale makes a big difference with his tiny thought. This eBook is not like any fancy stories for kids with lots of colorful animals, fairies and demons.

Turtle Trouble refers to a small incident where a little boy lies to his mom for a small element. A small lie made him to tell lie for so many things, where he finally realized that telling truth is better than lying.

The floor in the boy’s room was very wet. His mom enquired about the wet room. The boy replied he doesn’t know anything. She found a small bucket in the bath tub and asked why there was a bucket in the bath tub. The boy replied he don’t know who placed the bucket in the bath tub. She then found a small turtle hidden in the bathtub and asked about the turtle. The boy said, ‘I don’t know!’

Mom replied that the turtle won’t move itself from the garden and sit in the bathtub. The boy said, he saw a turtle at the back of his home and brings the turtle to feed some water. He used the small bucket to give water and the floor became wet. He hid the turtle and bucket in the bathtub.

He told his mom that she would be very much annoyed to bring a turtle home and so he hid the turtle. The mom was sad not because of his boy bringing turtle home but because he lied to her.

She told him she would be happy to help his boy in saving the turtle! Yes, the boy was annoyed and felt so bad for lying to his mom.

Just imagine, if the boy had told the truth to his mother, there wouldn’t be any necessity lying about turtle.

The simple story comes with a beautiful message for kids. ‘It is always good to tell truth than lying!’ When you hide the truth, you will have to cover your truth with so many lies. Telling lies isn’t a good habit at all. Irrespective of the situation, tell the truth. The consequences may be bad, but will do well for you.

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