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Do you dream often? Do you remember any of your dreams? What do you see in your dreams? Weird stuff! Colorful world of animals! Unseen places and faces! Happy moments! And a lot! This eBook is about the dreams of Mattie a dog and his friend Mickey who embark a dream journey. Care to join the dream?

Mattie and Mickey were best friends. Wherever they go, they being together! Mattie always lived in dreams. They loved to travel extensively in their dreams. What are the benefits of dreaming?

You can go and visit the unique places that you have never seen before. Mattie loved the music float island where the animals offer the beautiful musical treat on the floating island.

Next, is about the concert on the seashore. This concert was organized by some wild animals! The music party in dream was continued by a concert held at Cliffside. It was a beautiful spot.

After enjoying the music party, Mickey and Mattie had some flying lessons in their dreams. They flew to many places which had never seen in their life. The dreams were so colorful, enjoyable and happy indeed.

Do you know dreams can be weird and horrible too! Mattie and Mickey had some weird and frightening dreams. They experienced earthquake, scary Halloween in the countryside, and flooding river, etc.

Happiness came again in their dreams. They visited some beautiful places around the world. Blooming flowers, amazing architecture, mesmerizing landscape, frozen land and much more! Continue reading to visit more and more places in the dream of Mickey and Mattie.

This eBook is a beautiful composition with interesting theme! The eBook is all about learning unusual places and wonders around the world. The colorful journey of dreams introduces the readers to many different places, beauty of nature, and some scary stuff. The simple color painted images looks so beautiful. Kids can try drawing the illustrations. Since the eBook is filled with colorful illustrations, it makes an interesting read.

Don’t miss reading it.

Now tell me about your dreams or share your dreams in the comment section. You can also share about the unique places you wish to visit like floating Music Island!

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