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Do Not Come To A Conclusion Hastily - Short Story

Do Not Come To A Conclusion Hastily

Minu, the seven-year-old girl went to the market with her grandmother. Minu purchased a fruit basket at the market. The basket had all varieties of fruits, but it had only one fruit of each variety. However, there were two apples. Minu loved apples and so she was happy!

Minu reached home. She said she got two apples in the fruit basket. Minu’s mom said, she is a lucky girl. Minu asked her mom, ‘Mommy, I’m tired and hungry. Can I eat some apples now?’

Mommy told, ‘Yes sweetheart! Please. I’ll just wash the apples and give it to you’

She washed the apples and gave two apples to Minu. The apples were somewhat big and Minu could not eat two full apples.

Realizing the apples were too big for her, Minu’s mother asked her, ‘Minu, can you please give me one apple? I’m hungry too!’

Minu replied, ‘But momma, I’m hungry and I love apples. Why don’t you eat some other fruit?’

Mother replied, ‘Minu, even I too love apples the most. See, the fruit basket surprisingly had two apples. So, why don’t you give me one apple? Moreover, these apples are big, and you cannot eat both apples. You will waste it. Please darling, can you give me an apple?’

Minu thought for a while. She bites one apple and also bites the other one quickly!

Minu’s momma was smiling and her smile froze, on seeing what Minu did! She could not tolerate what had happened. Minu had always listened to her mother’s word. Her attitude shocked her mother very much.

Then, Minu with a beautiful smile on her face gave one apple to her mother. ‘Mommy, please take this apple. This is the sweeter one!’ Minu’s mother was extremely shocked and felt ashamed of what she thought about her daughter.

Don’t come to a conclusion without analyzing!

Think, and make the right decision.

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