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What is your favorite color? Red? Pink? Blue? Orange? Marianna’s favorite color is orange! She was crazy about the color orange. This eBook, a Tale in Orange is about a girl’s favorite color orange and the dream world she enter!

Marianna was eagerly waiting for that journey. She dreamed about the orange color. She was travelling in an orange car in an orange road on an orange trip! She was immersed in the tales of red and yellow which give the color orange. Suddenly she realized it was a dream.

She remembered her mom’s words. When she was a baby she used to stick to orange things and orange foods. Her parent’s considered it a strange behavior! However, it was nothing but Marianna’s love for orange. Marianna picked a couple of carrots and a glass of orange juice and enjoyed the orange moon in the sky.

It was the day she waited for her journey. They were travelling to Spain. It was her first air travel. She enjoyed her travel on a flight. She was given a glass of tangerine juice and an orange jelly. She was happy. She started draining with an orange pencil in the flight. Suddenly, the picture she had drawn appeared in real.

She was absorbed by the big orange car and floated in the orange juice. She encountered very strange experiences in the unique orange world Portokalia.

Marianna enjoyed the orange juice exploding on her. She was welcomed by an orange tiger. Everywhere it was completely orange. She saw a magic pencil writing the recipe using orange foods. There was a piano in the Portokalia. The piano wrote interesting fairy tales for children. Marianna was extremely amazed at everything. Above all, she had access to unlimited quantity of orange juice, her favorite drink.

She made many new friends in the Protokalia, enjoyed the fairytales and poems and of course her favorite foods in orange. Was it all real? Where did she go? Wasn’t she searched by her father and mother who were travelling with her to Spain?

This is an interesting fairytale for kids narrated colorfully. Now list your favorite items in orange or list the orange colored things you see in daily life.

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