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A tale in red is a fantasy story for kids. It has many colorful characters, interesting plots, dreams and incidents that kids love to read.

It was a night. A girl in red dress reached the palace. She introduced herself to the queen as a princess. The queen doubted on her. But she offered food and shelter. She ordered her servants to place a pea beneath her bed. The girl was given all luxury by the queen.

The reason behind placing a pea underneath the bed was to testify the girl. Since the girl claimed herself a princess, in olden days the real princess born in the royal family would not sound sleep even if they had a very minor disturbance in their bedding.

However, the girl slept peacefully without any disturbance. She had a dream with lots of peas in different colors. The prince who loved the girl very much was a bit worried that she might not be from a royal king family.

The prince had a story when he was so young. He felt so lonely and nothing cheered him on his childhood days. His parents, the queen and king tried so hard to keep him happy. He had so many toys, chocolates, ice creams, dresses and everything he needed. Yet, he grew as an unhappy prince. It changed suddenly. One day, the queen called the prince to a garden where she wore a red dress. She asked him to paint something. The prince gained his happiness through painting on that red dress. He painted everything in red! Fruits, birds, nature and everything in red! He loved everything that is red in color.

The girl attracted the prince! Next day, the girl and the prince had conversation. The prince proposed that she wanted to marry the girl. However, the boy had a curse.

Was the girl really belonged to a royal family? What was the curse the boy had? Were they able to marry? Read the story.

The interesting part of this eBook is it has many short stories with interesting plots. The illustrations are good. The language is simple and definitely an interesting fable to read.

Now tell me the things you see in red! Can you list?

Examples: A rose flower, water melon, etc.

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